Home ownership can provide you with many benefits.There are many steps a purchaser should consider when purchasing a new home.  Affordability, a home is the largest investment of most Americans. So your first question is can you afford the home you want to buy. When the time to purchase your home, when the legal title is transferred to you, you will have to pay for the home and closing costs. After the purchase you will need to budget for insurance,maintenance, monthly loan payments, property taxes, utility bills and repairs. Also always check the age and condition of appliances,plumbing,roof structure, wiring since they might need repair after you purchase the home.

Using a lawyer that can help you through the home buying process by preparing and reviewing the purchase contract,helping you with the necessary documents to complete the purchase.

You may want to use a real estate agent to help you find and evaluate your potential home.  You might need to sign a purchase contract that considers a binder and submit it to the seller to start the home buying process. Most purchase contracts will require you to leave a deposit to show the seller that you are  serious buyer.  Any conditions that must be met before you complete a home purchase should be stated in your purchase contract. Closing of a purchase contract usually completes the purchase and takes place at a meeting in the of an attorney. At the closing, the buyer, the seller,and lender sign a deed and mortgage, pay the purchase price and exchange documents.  Closing costs are payable at the closing and include appraisal fees, attorney fees, lender fees, recording fees, survey fees, title examination fees, title insurance premiums and transfer taxes.

Before closing, many home buyers should hire a professional inspector to examine the structure,the plumbing the wiring, heating and any other systems for defects or needed repairs.  At the closing you will receive “title” to your home when the seller gives you a deed at the closing. Have your lawyer conduct a title search and your lawyer will advise you of any limitations on your house.  Have an up-to date survey of the property before completing your home purchase.

Title insurance will protect you form financial loss you the buyer might suffer if there are defects that were not revealed in a survey or title search.  Your home can a great valuable investment and provide yourself years of enjoyment. If you are thinking of buying a home have a qualified real estate agent and ask your lawyer to handle your purchase contract.